photo of erin swann with her husband, three kids, and labradoodle by christmas tree

Hi, I’m Erin!

Capturing beautiful photographs to document my kids over time is one of my passions! The photo memories are so fun to look back on as the years fly by so quickly.

In 2016, I began photographing other families and providing photo art through Erin Swann Photography. The best part of the process is at the very end when families see the images we created and receive their professionally-printed photo products!

We began our family in Baltimore County after getting married in 2009 and welcomed a loving labradoodle in 2010. A few years later we added two boys to our family before moving to Frederick County during the pandemic in 2020. We now enjoy calling Middletown home where we welcomed a girl to our family!

As a busy mom, I know how hard it can be to make time to get professional photos taken. But I think it is so worth it to get updated photos every few years since kids grow and change so quickly. I’m constantly hearing parents say how they wish their kids would stop growing so fast! Photo art is a wonderful way to preserve memories of kids at every age and have a daily reminder of what you love, even after that stage has passed. I have had professional photos taken of our family and I look forward to getting more taken in the future! They truly get more valuable over time and the time and effort invested is always more than worth it.

How often would I recommend getting professional photos taken? I always say the younger the child, the more often you want additional photos since they change more quickly. I recommend scheduling a photo session for children a few times during their first year (newborn, four months old, sitting, and standing are all great stages to document) and at least once per year after that (birthdays are a great time to schedule those!). And updated family images are nice to capture every two to three years.

I like to make photo sessions a very fun and painless process for you! I will help you through the planning, photo session, and ordering stages of your photo session journey. I aim to capture the true personality of children and encourage everyone to just be themselves during the photo session! Reach out if you have any questions or are ready to plan your next photo session!


nine canvases with images of babies


This is one of my favorite photo wall art groupings in our home! I never get tired of seeing all three of our children as babies. These canvases make me want to reach out and hug them! It brings me joy every time I look at them.