My guest today is Erin Brooks.  She is a SuperMOM who doesn’t let challenges stand in the way of staying in shape and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  After a car accident in 2006, she now experiences pain and a loss of range of motion in her right arm.  Nonetheless, Erin makes no excuses for missing a workout and even manages to incorporate her baby into her workout routines!  I met her baby who is super cute and smiley!  Erin also has a sweet six-year-old who loves to jump in and join her during workouts.  I asked Erin a few questions so we can learn from her experience as a mom who has put a focus on her health throughout pregnancy and after the birth of her second child.

photo collage of erin with her kids and erin exercising

If you had to pick, what is the one most important exercise to do while pregnant?

I would say as a pain in the butt as it is: Kegels. Our goal is to make sure our bodies recover as healthy as possible and making sure we can laugh without any mishaps is so important! But for physical activity, I would say squats. You work a lot of your body with squats that have to do with delivery. It works your core which so something you want to take care of so you don’t develop a diastasis, which is a separation of either side of your abdominals. It helps with your hips, which you want to keep loose for delivery. And squats, of course work your booty and legs, and I mean who doesn’t want those to look good!

What is the best way to deal with pregnancy cravings (or cravings in general!) to keep weight in check?

For me, the way I fought my crazy cravings was by drinking a superfood shake. I had started using it mid-pregnancy. I know it was one of the reasons that my gestational diabetes was saved off till the last month, whereas my first pregnancy I got it ASAP. Shakeology gave me energy when Owen was growing. I only took one nap my whole pregnancy, which was before I started drinking my shake.

What is your best tip for losing the baby weight after giving birth?

Best tip for losing weight is to understand it’s not going to fall off in a day. I mean it took 9 months for you to make a baby. It’s going to take some time for it to come off. You need to eat right, exercise and have accountability and support to keep you on track. This is a lifestyle, not a one quick fix diet!

What is your favorite go-to, healthy snack?

My favorite go-to meal is my Shakeology. It is the healthiest food I put in my body all day. Especially when I’m busy and not the best cook in the world, I get all my daily nutrients I need to recover from pregnancy in one shot. I also dig Double Dark Chocolate Zone Perfect Bars (pop them in the freezer like a Snickers bar and it’s just super awesome!).

What is your favorite exercise to do with your baby?

My favorite exercise to do with Owen are crunches. I love that his weight just makes it THAT much harder to crunch up! LOL

smiling baby exercising with mommy

What else would you like to share with us?

I just want new and experienced moms to know that just because we now have a baby doesn’t mean there is no time to fight for your health. This is a choice! Saying I don’t have the time is just saying I don’t want to! If you want something hard enough you will MAKE it happen, and just know that I am here to give you all the support and help I can! Being disabled and fighting through chronic pain and loss of motion does make my life harder, but having my babies makes it all that more important to me to be as healthy as I can and as functional as I can for them!

A big thank you to Erin for sharing some of her experience and knowledge with us!  If you would like to be inspired by Erin on a regular basis, head over to her Facebook group to check out her fitness photos and videos: Erin’s Facebook Page.

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