Does this sound like you?


Posed photos in front of a backdrop feel un-authentic to you.

You don’t want to spend the time and money preparing coordinating outfits for family photos.

It’s stressful trying to get everyone looking their best at the same time for a photo shoot.

You want to capture what an ordinary day for you and your family is like at this point in your life.

You want real-life photos of you and your kids interacting in your home environment and your smartphone isn’t cutting it.


If this sounds like you, then a lifestyle photography session is exactly what you are looking for!


A lifestyle session is an opportunity to freeze this moment in time and capture what is ordinary today, but what will be extraordinary to look back on in the future.

mom with two sons outside playing dad pulling two boys in wagon


It’s fascinating to look at old photos and think, “remember when we had that couch?” “Look at that old toy he used to love!” “I remember that dress she used to wear!”


Lifestyle photo sessions help tell your current story to your future self.  The photos are enjoyable to look at now, but they get even more valuable to look at as time passes and your children grow older.


two boys standing on couch boy playing with magnet toys


Capturing birthdays and other special events are great.  But perhaps it is even more interesting to look back on just an ordinary day.


If you could re-live one day with your child, would it be a birthday party or special event?  Or would it be a regular day going to the park, playing with bubbles, baking cookies, and writing on the sidewalk with chalk?


boy smiling and running through bubbles boy blowing flower


Think about what your kids are interested in now and what you want to remember about them at their current ages.


Contact me if you would like to capture your story at this moment in time with a lifestyle photo session! or 240-490-9522